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Mining Equipment and Tyres

Mining equipment and tyres can be found for sale on several online sale or auction sites. This, however, does not always transact well, with instances of incorrect or faulty goods being delivered and difficulties with refunds.Sinoprocur aims to provide a more tailored approach, which would normally commence initially with a brief from our client as to what is required, along with the expected budget. From there we may source for the client one or several options, depending on scope and availibility, and will discuss and examine each on it's merit.

Despite the financial landscape of the last couple of years, demand in some areas of mining procurement has not slowed at all, and has infact increased for some. There is talk that another 'trye crisis' could occur in the next two years and some clients appear to be buying up ahead in anticipation of this taking place. In line with this, we have now begun to re-examine remaining global availibility to ensure our own supply for clients remains consistent.

Sinoprocur has developed alliances with major traders and suppliers throughout Asia, Europe and the US. As a result, we can supply most forms of equipment as well as after market OTR tyre brands that include Belshina,Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin. Sinoprocur's philosophy is to source and secure product at a price and of a quality that will ensure repeat business and help develop our client relationships further.

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